Retail Solutions

Retail CCTV surveillance and security systems, Vancouver, B.C.

Retail Solutions
From shoplifting to break-and-enter, from customer and employee theft to liabilities such as slip and fall, retail outlets require highly specialized surveillance and security systems.

Whether yours is a small retail shop, or a large, multi-outlet chain of stores, CCSS has your surveillance and security needs covered.

CCSS retail security systems — properly installed and in clear view of all who enter your store, greatly reduce theft, property crime and vandalism. Key benefits include:

  • Remote monitoring
  • Full line of flat screen public view monitors
  • Easy-to-use search and retrieval of recorded events
  • File formats that are fully admissible to law enforcement and prosecution authorities

CCSS offers you the latest technology, a custom design that is just right for your security systems needs, and all the quick and easy training and support you’ll need to keep your retail establishment safe and secure.

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